We are constantly and comprehensively active internationally. Cross-border projects are a central part of our competence. We advise a large number of domestic and foreign companies and entrepreneurs on their international projects and business. Experience in dealing with foreign law firms and legal systems is indispensable. We have studied and/or worked abroad and provide legal advise in the following languages: English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, Russian and Azerbaijani. We have sustainable,  international expertise and contacts and are also able to organise and support cross-border projects. is a member of global networks

We maintain long-standing and good relationships built on personal contacts and a friendly basis with law firms in Europe, the USA, various Asian countries and other important jurisdictions. As an independent member of XLNC and IRGlobal, two global networks of international auditing, consulting and law firms, we are able to provide the best possible legal advice worldwide.

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Disclaimer of liability: 

XLNC is a global alliance of independent companies. XLNC is a company incorporated under Swiss law, which exclusively manages the XLNC network. XLNC itself therefore does not provide legal, audit or other services of any kind to third parties.

Such services are provided exclusively by the XLNC member companies in their respective geographical areas. XLNC and the Member Companies are each a separate and distinct legal entity. These companies have no relationship whatsoever to each other such as parent company, subsidiary, partnership or joint venture partners or agents. No XLNC Member Firm is in no way authorized to commit or represent XLNC or any other XLNC Member Firm in any way. Similarly, XLNC is not authorized to bind or represent any XLNC member company. All XLNC Members are independent companies as they all provide all of their services entirely on their own account and risk, with no involvement of XLNC and/or any other XLNC Member Company.