Thomas Geisel

Thomas Geisel is not an ordinary lawyer. He has a lot of experience with large transactions in various roles: As head of department of BvS (successor of the Treuhand), he managed the privatization of the East German chemical triangle; as purchasing director at E.ON Ruhrgas, he negotiated long-term gas import contracts; and as mayor of Düsseldorf, he initiated major real estate transactions and urban development projects. Consequently, the focus of his legal work is also on projects.

  • since June 2021
  • 2014 - 2020 Mayor of the City of Düsseldorf
  • 2000 - 2013 Director E.ON Ruhrgas AG
  • 1995 - 1998 Head of Department Federal Agency for Special Tasks Arising from Unification

Languages: German, English, French and Spanish

"Just a perfect day" - what would it look like...?

"Have a run, play the flute, relax and enjoy with wife and family, good food, good wine and good music." - Team - Thomas Geisel - privat (1)